Apr. 13 - 16, 2023

KC Warriors Fantasy Camp

Apr. 13 - 16, 2023
KC Warriors Fantasy Camp

Event Info

What is Fantasy Camp?

Fantasy Camp is an opportunity to live the life of a professional hockey player. The camp begins on Thursday night with a draft practice with all of the camp members and coachs. Players will bring their hockey bags to the rink and pick up their Registration packs with fun freebies inside. Thursday and Saturday will have an hour and fifteen minute practices with ECHL alumni coaches and special guests. Locker rooms will be set up in stalls for each player and Pizza and beverages will be provided after each practice. There will also be one video session with ECHL alumni for each team on Saturday. Friday night, players wil experience the KC Mavericks game in a suite after the "draft party" where they find out which team they will play on for the rest of the weekend.Sunday's game will be set up like a full professional game with player intros, lights, music, and more. The game will be open to the public, so invite friends and family!

What is Bag Drop?

Players will bring their hockey bags to the rink on Thursday night. Cable Dahmer Arena Staff will hold the bag to Independence Community Ice to take care of all equiptment needs during the week. Locker rooms will be fully set up with each players gear before each practice and game. (if you would like to bring your own bag to and from the rink each day, just let the staff know!)

Can anyone participate?

Yes! We encourage all skill levels to participate.

Can I buy an extra ticket to the Mavericks game on Friday night?

Yes! Send an email to jorden.wozniak@spectraxp.com

Are the games on Sunday open to the public?

Yes! Invite your friends and family to come and enjoy the game.